It's official!

Ultimate Space Driver DOME SHOW is out
and ready to test your skills

Go to the edge … and beyond

Feel the rush of excitement when the engine starts…
See space craft hurtling past…
Smell the exhaust fumes in the atmosphere…
Hear the screech of fellow drivers, scrambling for position… 


CAUTION: For experienced drivers only!
Are you ready for a new challenge?

Advanced and upgraded tracks, new futuristic locations,
lots of  thrills, and tons of excitement.

Experience an immersive ride as never before

Your space driver license

Ultimate Space Driver isn’t just a show. It is designed to fully immerse your visitors and provide a long-lasting, unforgettable experience.

Download and print out space driver licenses to give to newly qualified space drivers!

Space Track

expansion Path

Start on a purpose-built track with a variety of high speed corners, fast sweeps, hairpins, chicanes, and everything in between, all combined to produce an interesting mix of challenges for the driver.



Now that you have successfully navigated the track it’s time to hit the space highway. Continue on a path that drives into the unknown. Here there are no road markings to guide you. Learn to slow down and take more care. But expect the unexpected waiting for you mid-turn.

Space Fuel Station

Industrial SPACE

Next we cruise through a vast industrial wasteland, littered with discarded tanks from an intergalactic fuel station. This area was not designed for test driving and there’s room for an ill-timed manoeuvre. The bumps and jolts can affect the high-performance space ship so you simply cannot make a mistake.

Black Hole

Survival track

Take more risks and be ready to escape the black hole!  Sometimes hesitation is a luxury space drivers can’t afford, so take your hand off the brake and put your foot to the floor. More caution equals less speed, so the challenge is to not hold back, while also staying alert to avoid the obstacles.

Ready to go

in dome, flying theater, VR and giant screen*

Technical Specifications


Dome, Flying theater,
VR, Giant Screen*


7 minutes


Dome - 4096x4096 Fisheye

Frame Rate

30 fps / 60 fps


2D - Mono
3D - Stereo*


5.1 Surround


Universal - Original soundtrack with effects, no dialogue

Motion Effects Ready

Motion Base, Air and Water Blast, Leg Ticklers, Vibration, Wind, Heat, Bubbles

* Flying theater, VR, Giant Screen formats and 3D versions available on request


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